The Turn Key Group Fitness and Bootcamp Solution That Offers Done For You Marketing, Ongoing Support, Passive Income Opportunities And Is Super Easy And EXTREMELY Affordable To Get Started!

We understand you are extremely busy so we want to save you some time.

Do you fall under one of the following categories?

  • The person who wants a DONE FOR YOU group fitness business system?
  • The person who wants to be a part of a proven brand and group fitness program?
  • The person who wants to eliminate those painful hours hunched over your computer trying to build a fitness brand?
  • The person who is constantly worried about where their next client will come from?
  • The person who just wants to get down to business and train people? That’s why we got into the industry isn’t it?
  • The person who doesn’t want to spend $40,000+ in set up costs, like a lot of other fitness programs out there?
  • The person who wants their very own FiiT Chick Transformation Location and the opportunity to build something for yourself?
  • The person looking to eliminate all those long hours of PT and extremely hard work that goes into creating a group fitness brand?

The Most Revolutionary, Effective, and Exciting Strategies For Growing Your Fitness Business Fast.


From the graphics, to layout, to videos, to offers used on this lead converting location webpage. You are going to be armed with the best possible opportunity to pre-convert leads.

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Training And Ongoing Support To Give You The Best Results Possible


We take the success of your business seriously. After being in the industry for 6 years and personally coaching and mentoring personal trainers on how to run a successful fitness business, we know the ongoing training and support is hands down the most valuable component of being apart of the FiiT family.

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Passive Income Opportunities


With the multiple options you have available at your fingertips you will soon see that making passive income is a very serious subject.

You can now sell supplements, clothing and online programs without having to stock a thing.

This is simply priceless and the earning capacity is amazing.

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Low Start-Up Costs and Even Lower Fees - Amazing ROI


Unlike many other fitness franchises out there, we do not believe in charging $30,000 - $40,000 plus in set up costs.

Furthermore, we dont believe in taking a % of your earnings. We want you to earn as much as possible without having to worry about your hard earned $ being taken from you.

For an initial investment of only $10,000 and a very low, affordable ongoing set fee of $129* p/w, you can be running your very own FiiT Chick transformation location in under 5 weeks. Your passive income sales should really be able to cover those fees anyhow.

Don't have $10,000 upfront? Do not worry! We have options that can get you started for ONLY as little as $1000.

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Exclusive VIP Members Area


Here is just a snippet of all the systems and training we have available for you.

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But What Do Other Location Owners Have To Say About Their Experience?

Compilation Video

Hi, my name is Kim Williams and I own Fiit Chick Transformations Belconnen In Act.

Whilst on my weight loss journey, I completed my cert III and IV in training. After researching many options and programs, I was so excited when I found FiiT Chicks.

The FiiT Chick Mission was so close to my own for my clients there was no hesitation in signing on for my own location. Fiit Chicks allows me the freedom to continue running my business the way I want too with support from like minded professional within the industry.

The quality and the reach of the fiit brand is amazing. The positive community of women who are singing the praises and support is fantastic.

Within my first week of launching my location, I have received so much interest that I have already started looking into hiring another trainer.

This opportunity is one that shouldn’t be ignored by both new and experienced trainers alike.


Kim Williams
FiiT Chick Transformations Belconnen

We started Fiit Chicks in Townsville almost 12 months ago and haven't looked back. The brand is excellent, the marketing system works and the support from Brett, Kent and the team has been really helpful.

This is a competitive business, and with our hard work coupled with the Fiit Chicks Brand support, motivation and ideas, we have gone from strength to strength.

We have now started a second location and hope for a third in the next twelve months.

Christina Perry
FiiT Chick Transformations Kirwan and Heatley Park

I have been a personal trainer for about 3 years. I  jumped when I saw the FiiT Chick opportunity. In my first 2 weeks I had signed up 32 girls on a 12-week contract.

I now have over 50 girls at my location. I could not have done this without the help of FiiT.

I recommend any personal trainer looking to build a successful group fitness location to jump on board.


Norman Alpeche
FiiT Chick Transformations Penrith

In April 2013 I started my FiiT Chick location. Prior to even opening our location I had 40 new leads looking at starting my location. These results are amazing.

During the first session we had converted 13 people onto our 12-week contract.  By the end of week two we had converted over 20 people into our program.

I went from having no group business to having a business within weeks.

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity I highly recommend it.

Chris Bridger
FiiT Chick Transformations Chermside

Exciting Workout Ideas


When it comes to the actual training sessions of a successful group fitness business it is very important that they follow this model:

1. Results driven

2. Fun and enjoyable

3. Variety

By following these key components you will have your members raving about each and every session. This will ensure your member retention is at a high.

I Still Have More Questions

What do I actually get? +

Apart from a DONE FOR YOU set up and everything you see offered on this website, access to a MAJOR brand and exposure to thousands of people, you will most importantly become apart of the FiiT Family where we will motivate and support each other to success in all areas of life.


What does it cost? +

Firstly imagine having access to over 180 000 people, many of which who are located within your locations venue. Could you put a price on that? It would be well in the hundreds of thousands of dollars right?

Now unlike most fitness Franchise models that charge you  $30,000 + in set up fees, there is no way we are going to be charging that.

That’s right, For only $10,000 initial start up fee, and a weekly fee of only $129 + gst (that’s only 2 clients) you could be on your way to running a FiiT Chick transformation location & finally running the business you hoped for.

If you do not have $10,000 to get started, there are ways to get you started for as little as $1000. Simply fill out your expression of interest and we can discuss these options with you.

How long is my franchise agreement? +

The term is 24 months. The great thing with a franchise is if you want to sell it down the track once you have built it up you can.

What about equipment, don't people get bored of bodyweight training? +

This is a great question, I don’t know about you, but group training sessions where all you do is run up hills, do lunges and squats and pushups, really suck, you will lose the clients interest in weeks, even days.

Of course body weight training is a fantastic method, and we certainly do utilize this in our groups, however EVERY DAY, come on trainers.

FiiT International has great buying power allowing us to then pass the savings onto you. With the lowest cost fitness equipment you can get your hands on. We buy in bulk and pass the savings onto you. And the best part is, you get to keep the equipment its yours.

This sounds great! How do I get started?

See that button to your right? Click it. Then simply fill out an expression of interest form and we will guide you from there.